Having a Happy, Squeaky Holiday!

This holiday, one of our fantastic volunteers, Stacy (who helps train our dogs as part of the Homeward Pet Dog Behavior Team), brought in toys for the dogs in the shelter. On Christmas morning, Maggie volunteered to play Santa Claus, and handed out the brand new toys to our appreciative dogs, who were all on the ‘Nice’ list (of course!).  Thanks to Stacy for thinking of our homeless dogs at Christmas, and to Maggie for donning the red hat (and receiving all those dog kisses)!

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A Big THANK YOU to the Zoology Foundation for a festive message promoting adopting a shelter animal!


Chloe’s Story

“Hi. My name is Chloe and I am in long-term foster care. When my foster mom brought me home in the Fall of 2013 we all thought I only had a couple months left to live. My kidneys are failing on me, I have thyroid problems, and I’m deaf. I was just going to have a cozy couple months and pass away in a safe, loving home. But my home was so great that I started to get some strength back, and I have been giving my foster mom lots of love for over 2 years now! My medicine and vet care that Homeward Pet provides me with keep my body running.

I did have a bad seizure in August of 2014 that really scared my family and has caused me to do lots of circles. Sometimes in one place, sometimes around the table and it makes my foster mom wonder how I don’t get dizzy. I am also losing my sight. I can still see shadows moving and make out objects, but I wish I could see when my foster mom talks to me like I used to. Lastly, I have started having trouble getting to the litter box in time and I have accidents. I make it most of the time, but thank goodness for those pee pads cause they help with the mess!

I’m really looking forward Christmas. My foster mom promises me special treats since I have been such a good girl and my name is on Santa’s good list.

Thank you for supporting Homeward Pet and ensuring that I continue to live a happy healthy life.”

And Thank You to our wonderful, amazing hospice provider, Karla, for taking such great care of Chloe, and for interpreting Chloe’s story.  If you’re interested in providing temporary, in-home care – or even long-term hospice care – to an animal in need, read more about how to become a Homeward Pet Foster Family.

Pet Food Drive Going Strong!

Yesterday was a huge day for donations to the 5th Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive, with this giant wall of pet food and supplies stacking up in the back room…and even more donations collected in our lobby! Donated pet food and supplies will fill the shelves at community food banks throughout 2016, and help us care for more homeless animals at Homeward Pet. Drop-off locations include Homeward Pet, Doggy Haven Resort in Bothell, and more than 20 participating retail locations.  Thank you for your support!

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Meow-y Christmas!

This Christmas, there will be lots of “creatures stirring” at the home of Cheryl, one of our great foster care volunteers! This litter of young kittens arrived at Homeward Pet yesterday, and Cheryl stepped up to care for these 6 ‘bottle babies’ through the holidays.  She sent this fantastic picture of the kittens’ first day in her home…and we have no idea how she got all 6 of them in one selfie!

If you’re interested in opening up your home to provide temporary foster care for an animal in need, visit the Volunteer page to read more about how to become a Homeward Pet foster family.

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Looking for a gift that keeps on giving?  Check out the Homeward Pet Shop page for options that also benefit the homeless dogs and cats.

The animals thank you!

Harley is ready for YOU!!!

Harley is celebrating as he got his ‘Christmas wish’. This adorable kitty had 2 masses removed from his neck and the results are in…. his biopsies were negative!  He is very excited to meet you and to be in his forever home for the holidays!

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Tags For Hope – Pet ID Tags

Homeward Pet is now listed among the non-profits to select  for the Tags For Hope pet id tags.  Tags For Hope offers unique pet ID tags to keep your pet safe. Every purchase helps feed, treat, and rescue animals in need. With every tag purchased using Homeward Pet’s unique ID, 25% will be donated to the shelter.  Click here to order.  

Best Gift Ever!

The best holiday gift you can give the staff of Homeward Pet is opening your home and heart to a homeless animal in our shelter. Pictured here are Melissa, Matt, and their Homeward Pet alumni, Cooper.

Looks like Cooper really scored a great family!


You’ve been taking your dog for a walk…

 but have you been taking your Walk for a Dog? 

Each time you use the WoofTrax –Walk for a Dog app, selecting to walk for the Homeward Pet, the animals will benefit! The more people actively walking for Homeward Pet, the more donations we can receive, so spread the word! Share the app with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Need even more reasons to use the app? Here are some of the many benefits of using Walk for a Dog:

  • A daily walk is great exercise for both you and your dog
  • The time spent together provides quality bonding time
  • Walking allows your dog to experience the sights and sounds of nature
  • Using the app creates a sense of community with your selected rescue group
  • You can track your daily walks with your dog and set your own personal fitness goals

Remember to use the Walk for a Dog app—it’s a win-win-win for you, your dog, and your favorite animal organization.

Learn more and download the app here.

Happy walking, The WoofTrax Team

Happy Tail ~ Jake

Hi there! My husband and I adopted Jake back in August 2013, and we just wanted to let you know how’s he’s getting along and share this awesome photo from this morning.

About a year ago, we added a tiny human to our family, and Jake has been wonderful with our baby boy—very gentle and patient. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well he’s handled being around a loud and unpredictable infant and now toddler.

In a few weeks, our family will be moving to Monterey, California (lucky Jake!), where he’ll get lots of beach and hiking time.

Thanks and happy holidays!            -Brittanny

The Dogs at Homeward Pet are destined for beauty!

squeakyClean (225x300)The Homeward Pet dogs will be Squeaky Clean with the most amazing gift we received of a dog bathing tub from a Homeward supporter and boxes of ‘Squeaky Clean’ Simply Good Dog Wash, from Keyport LLC. 


Tub (300x169)


Homeward Pet Helps Baja La Paz – Beach Puppies!

Homeward Pet Adoption Center’s focus is to help as many homeless dogs and cats in the state of Washington as their Woodinville facility can accommodate.  Yet, when a local rescuer asked for help with saving a litter of abandoned puppies from the beach in Baja La Paz, Mexico, they could not say no.BajaDogs1 (300x135)

The beaches in Baja La Paz have become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and cats. At any time you can find up to 50 animals barely surviving on whatever scrap of food they can find.  In early October, a local animal lover discovered a litter of discarded puppies, just 6 weeks old and starving, and secured a loving foster home to help nurse them back to health until placement could be found.

Terri Inglis, Homeward Pet’s Executive Director, received a call from Michelle McCormick, a local Washington resident and board member for Baja Dogs La Paz, a US based 501(c)3 nonprofit created specifically to help with spay & neuter education and rescue efforts of abandoned animals in the Baja La Paz area of Mexico. Michelle explained the challenges of adoption in the area and asked if Homeward Pet would consider accepting five very lovable and adoptable puppies.  Homeward Pet could not say no!

At four months old, five healthy, rambunctious yet slightly shy puppies were loaded into crates and boarded a plane bound for Seattle.  They arrived at the shelter on Sunday, November 29, very scared after their long adventure northward.  After three days in the shelter, they relaxed and began enjoying the love and attention of the Homeward Pet staff and volunteers.  All of the puppies – 3 males and 2 females – received their health exams from the Homeward Pet veterinary team, were spayed or neutered and microchipped before made available for adoption.

In less than a week – all five puppies are now in their forever homes!  Best holiday gift ever! 

Learn more about Baja Dogs La Paz.

#GivingTuesday was a success, because of you!

You made this event a huge success for the animals! $23,228 was raised to help feed, house, and care for  even more homeless animals that come through our doors.

From sharing Betty Boop’s story with your co-workers, to suggesting your Christmas gifts be donations to Homeward Pet, to making tribute gifts honoring your furry friends. You dealt the animals a winning hand!

Because of your giving spirit we are able to make matches and save lives!

Thank you!

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