Casserole in the Sun!

Here’s Casserole enjoying the sun shining in the shelter window today.  This quiet, playful, affectionate, sun-worshiping, 4-year old is available for adoption, and just $16 during March Meowness.  See all of our available cats and kittens.

Happy Tail – Rosy (formerly Daisy)!

The little dog known as Daisy when we adopted her is absolutely, unbelievably adorable with a big +++++.  We changed her name to Rosy, and she has settled in very well, is pretty well housetrained now, loves to ride in the car and go for walks in our beautiful park – which is only 5 minutes away from us.

Keep up the good work!  Your shelter is the cleanest, unsmelliest, most helpful adoption place we have seen.  We were extremely impressed with the one-on-one counselling, and you were extremely helpful and supportive of our search for our perfect companion.

Thought you might like to see how she has adopted us and her new lifestyle. When we come down that way next, we will drop in with Rosy and you can see how well we have adapted (and adopted) each other.


Happy Tail – Lennie!

Lennie (formerly Lynyrd Skynyrd!) is settling in at our house. Our kids love this handsome boy so much!  He gradually has adjusted to us and to our home– he especially loves to snuggle with us.  He is such a nice boy and we love him already!

– Darci

Making the community a better place

We are thrilled to have the Safeway Foundation as one of Homeward Pet’s Guardian Sponsors for the upcoming Fur Ball Auction and Dinner. Safeway Foundation supports a number of local organizations ranging from health and human services to education and hunger relief. All of which, help to make the community a better place.

We are proud to say they are now helping Homeward Pet cats and dogs who need a second chance at finding love. Thank you Safeway Foundation for all that you do! Learn more here.


A Round of Applause!

We are giving a round of applause to thank Cashman Consulting for being a Companion Sponsor for Saturday’s Fur Ball Auction & Dinner. Rated by the Financial Times as one of the Top Financial Advisers in 2015, Cashman Consulting is a local organization that we recommend to anyone seeking financial advise! Thank you Cashman Consulting & Investments for supporting Homeward Pet!

Learn more here.

cashman consulting (300x251)

Big 4 Easter Hazards

Easter is coming.  But many of the things we use to celebrate, or decorate for, Easter can be harmful to your pet.  The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center has compiled a list of the top toxins they get contacted about at this time of year.  Learn about The Big Four Easter Hazards.

Homeward Pet’s Ambassador

Here is a special thank you to our Community Development Director, Peggy Noll. For those of you who have met Peggy you know just how outgoing and giving she is. Peggy has been with Homeward Pet for more than 20 years and every single day she continues to show her dedicated support.

Peggy started off at Homeward Pet as a volunteer, moved on to become a staff member and now is one of this year’s Fur Ball Community Sponsors. Lets give a round of applause for this awesome individual!

Thank you Peggy for continuing to help Homeward Pet save lives and make matches.

Thank you, Cheryl!

This week, we honored Cheryl, one of our outstanding Foster Care Volunteers, on our Forever Friends Tile wall.  Cheryl has been a tireless foster care provider for years, specializing in caring for ‘bottle baby’ kittens, and even leading our staff training in bottle feeding and kitten care.  Thanks for everything, Cheryl!

Learn more about our foster program.

Read about how you can honor a person or pet with a custom tile on our Forever Friends Wall.

Happy Tail – Dusty and Fancy!

Dear Homeward Pet,
This is to let you know that Dusty and Fancy and Levi and I are now well-adjusted as a small family of four. We rescued these two little 12 year olds in July and we just love them. Feel free to share these pictures and encourage everybody to adopt older dogs. After all, wouldn’t we all like to be in a safe warm loving home when we are in our 70s?
Thank you and kind regards, Isabelle


Our Creative Side…

If you have ever wondered who made our logo the answer is Green Cat Dzine! Liz, the founder of Green Cat Dzine and a former board member of Homeward Pet, is an outstanding supporter and one of this year’s Fur Ball Guardian Sponsors.

With her two rescue cats, Riley and Bowser at her side, Liz has dedicated endless hours to helping Homeward Pet with our design and branding. Cheers to Liz for playing an instrumental role in our marketing efforts.

If you are looking for a talented designer we encourage you to take a peek at Liz’s website here.


Green Cat Dzine (300x251)

Benjamin’s Adoption Story

I wanted to share our wonderful adoption story with you and thank you for uniting Benjamin with my family.

To start, we had our beloved dog, Harley, pass away on April 30th 2015.  He was part King Charles Cavalier and part Shih Tzu and the third member of our family.  When he passed at age 13, my husband and I both commemorated Harley with a tattoo on our forearms, our first tattoo in 55 years.  After his death, we grieved until we could finally live with his memory without breaking down and remember all the happy times we had.  As it happened, my husband and I had Harley with us from the beginning of our relationship, so it was always the 3 of us.

Slowly, we started talking about taking the plunge and adopting a new puppy or a dog from Homeward Pet that needed a home.  Our hearts were ready to love again.  One day I was looking at the Homeward Pet web page and saw Benjamin.  He was a 2 yr old toy poodle mix from Yakima and needed a new home.  Not much else was known about his background but Homeward Pet Adoption Center had given him a full medical evaluation, microchiopped him and evaluated his needs for his new home.  I had plans that day with my friend so my husband drove to Homeward Pet to check him out.  He then called me and my friend and I drove over.  The woman who showed him to us was great to work with, so friendly and caring.  Benjamin was a diamond in the rough.  All he needed was a good home and to be loved.  We took him that day, December 4, and he has become such a great addition to our family.  He is loving, obeys gentle commands, very smart and is so very happy to have a new home.  At first he was very timid and acted like he expected the roof to cave in on him.  Now he races around the house, his tail wags all the time and is very playful.  Benjamin was meant to be with us, in his forever home, and Homeward Pet was a most welcome catalyst.  I highly recommend adopting from Homeward Pet, the staff and volunteers are so kind, helpful and really try to fit the animal with the most appropriate home.  Thank you!

Sincerely, Robbin and John + Benjamin

IMG1024 (2)P1020256 (2)

Home away from home

If you have been searching for a home away from home to bring your pooches then check out one of our longtime supporters, Bona-A-Fide Dog Ranch .

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a dog boarding and dog daycare that offers five acres of fully fenced land where canines can romp around and play. Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a big supporter of Homeward Pet, serving as one of this year’s Companion Sponsors for our Annual Fur Ball Auction and Dinner!

Thank you Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch for helping animals in need and for all that you do!

Help spread the word about this wonderful organization! ‪#‎2016FurBall‬ ‪#‎ThankYou‬ ‪#‎HomewardPet‬ ‪#‎Sponsor‬


Meet our Homeward Headlines eNewsletter Sponsor

Sponsoring our March eNewsletter, Doggy Haven Resort is the best in the Northwest for boarding, grooming, training and daycare. David Boyd is the owner of Doggy Haven Resort and currently serving as the Homeward Pet Board President. David and his staff love what they do at Doggy Haven and it shows with the great care the dogs receive in every area of the business. David together with his wife Donnell, purchased the business from the founders in 2006 who had opened the facility in north Bothell/east Mill Creek in 2003. Since then, Doggy Haven has grown from daycare and boarding into a full-service dog resort where the dogs also come for grooming and training. Grooming services come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee! Doggy Haven also offers private training and two-week board and train programs for dogs of all ages. Your dog will receive the best care possible at Doggy Haven Resort and they would love to get to know your dog!

David Boyd first became familiar with Homeward Pet back when they were known as Hooterville Pet Safehaus – located “across the tracks” in Hooterville (west side of Woodinville). David became re-acquainted when one of their dog trainers, Brie Fox, (and Homeward Pet Volunteer Extraordinaire) told us that Homeward Pet was interested in offering training classes to their dog adopters. They have been holding training classes at Doggy Haven for all Homeward Pet clients since January of 2010 and have trained over 1200 dogs!

After getting to know Homeward Pet, David thought it would be a great place to serve and became a board member in June of 2012. He loves the mission of giving homeless pets a second chance (and more) at their forever homes.

Doggy Haven Resort

New home, new beginning for Jack!

You may remember reading about our eight-year-old Schnauzer mix Jack, who had a longer stay at Homeward Pet while our clinic worked to diagnose an untreated medical condition. As a senior living with diabetes, we knew it would take the right person to give Jack the extra love and attention he needed.

After four months at the shelter, one of our longtime volunteers Peggy, took Jack home for a kennel break and there he stayed. Over the last few months, Peggy and Jack have become quite the inseparable duo. Jack follows Peggy everywhere she goes and the pair fill their days with multiple strolls around the block where more often than not the neighborhood cat, Sweetheart accompanies them – rarely leaving Jack’s side! Recently, when staff checked in to see how Peggy and Jack have settled in, Peggy shared that she and Jack have dedicated their Sunday nights to curling up on the couch to watch Downton Abbey and by the end of the show Jack is sprawled out across her lap. The two could not be happier. “Jack is cuddly, precious, adorable and cute. I am so blessed and I treasure every single day I have with him.” – Peggy.

Thanks to supporters like you, Jack was able to find a loving home, and Peggy has a wonderful four-legged companion. Donations to Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals allow us to help animals like Jack who have extra medical needs. In Jack’s case, we were able to take the time to test, diagnose and monitor his condition, provide him insulin shots twice a day and a unique diet, and ensure that he was as healthy as possible before being adopted.

Learn more about our Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals and how you can help four-legged friends like Jack here.


Shop for the animals!

When you shop at our 2016 Fur Ball Sponsor, Bella’s Voice Thrift Store, you are helping to support the animals of Homeward Pet! Jordan fell madly in love with her rescue kitty, Bella, and decided she wanted to do something meaningful to help other homeless animals in our area.  Bella’s Voice Thrift Store was created as a non-profit that provides support to homeless animals.  Currently chosen charities are Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Feral Cat Project and Old Dog Haven.

Visit Bella’s Voice in Lynnwood at 4001 198th St SW.   Or check them out on Facebook.

Pet First Aid

Axel’s okay, he was just helping out with our Pet First Aid class!  On Monday, Homeward Pet hosted Metro Dog’s Pet First Aid class, teaching staff and volunteers what to do in an animal medical emergency.  The day-long class featured education in animal CPR, rescue breathing, using splints, and more – with lots of hands-on training – and ended with certification in animal emergency care for those attending (and passing the test!).

Pictured is staff member Lynette’s dog Axel (adopted at Homeward Pet in November 2012) patiently helping out with the hands-on training.

Axel 2

Everyone Needs a Home!

Not only has our longtime supporter, Martha Faulkner, adopted several of her four legged family members from Homeward Pet, like Libby, she also is a Companion Sponsor for this year’s Fur Ball Auction & Dinner!

Martha is an experienced real estate broker who works to make a positive difference in the community. Learn more about Martha and the services she offers on her website:

Everyone Needs a Home, Martha Faulkner, RSVP Real Estate



Happy Tail(s) – Chuck and Bellona!

We added Chuck (formerly Guy) and Bellona (aka Belly, formerly Tiny) to our family back in November. After a couple of days getting used to their new surroundings, they have really blossomed and we absolutely love them to pieces. Their feline antics and affection brighten our home and lives every day.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives and home with these fantastic, little creatures.

Regards, Patrick

Chuck Bellona 2

Happy Tail – Bella!

Sheba is now Bella and she is doing very well.  She and Benny play and play and chase, but he’s been such a gentlemen to her.  After about 3 days of her resting, she finally found herself again and has been like a rocket!  She’s absolutely perfect and I/we are all so much in love with her.  Thank you for letting her come home with us.


26th Anniversary Adoption Event- SUCCESS!

Saturday, February 27th, we celebrated our 26th anniversary offering $26 adoptions for the available cats and dogs in our facility. With a lobby full of animal loving families, patiently waiting their turn to meet a potential new furry family member, the Homeward Pet staff spent time with each to make the introductions.  It was a very happy day with nearly 30 cats and dogs selecting their forever families.

Thanks to you, below are just a few of the dogs and cats that found their forever homes during our adoption celebration!

We are excited to see what the rest of 2016 brings! #HomewardPet #26Years #Gratitude

Final Anniversary thank you (800x671)


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