Happy Tail ~ Peaches

Now named Precious, this very sweet girl is a nice fit to our family.  Contrary to her description, she is very active and extremely happy for her 13 years.  She’ll get excited and run around the house and then take naps at her leisure, she even knows a trick.  Thank you Will (adoption counselor), for helping us to adopt this special little lady.  Everything checked out great at our first vet visit with our vet. – Minna

Adopted July 2016

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Thanks to Evanger’s!

A delicious “Thank you!” to Evanger’s/ATG and the Whole Pet Shop in Woodinville for the donation of Stanley’s favorite food from Evanger’s!   Says Laurel, Homeward Pet Adoption Counselor and cat expert, “This is the first wet food that I have gotten him to eat- he loves it!”


Pet Pros New Location!

Pet Pros in Monroe has moved, and their new store is fantastic!  Visit them at 19575 SR 2 in Monroe, between Ben Franklin and Safeway, to donate to the Homeward Pet Food Bank and find great treats and toys and more for your pampered pet.


Happy Tail – Toby!

“We adopted Toby from Homeward Pet on April 12, 2015.   As you can see, he is well loved as a member of our family. He settled in right away with no trouble at all. He and his brother Hudson are very well behaved and love to go to the off leash dog park at Marymoor in Redmond.  We try to make it once a week.  Toby loves hiking – it’s his favorite thing to do in the entire world!  He’s an expert!  The only mischief Mr. Toby gets into these days is hunting for rabbits in our backyard!  It’s not his fault, they don’t listen and stay out his yard.  We are so lucky to have found Toby.

Thank you for the opportunity to give him a new home with a new family.”   -Marti and Jim, and Claire

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A Huge Thanks!

Thank you to Kirkland Uncorked and all the animal lovin’, wine tasting participants for raising money to help the homeless dogs and cats of Homeward Pet!

We had a blast this weekend, and plenty of entertainment!






Bree’s Happy Tail

Many of you likely remember reading about Bree, one of our longtime residents. Bree found an amazing home on ten acres and her mom Wendy, just gave us the best update!

“Bree joined our family six months ago today! She is my shadow and my partner in crime. She loves to help me feed the pig and the goats and always carries the bucket back to the house for me. Every day with this sweet girl is a blessing. You all saved her life; we get the privilege of living it with her.”


A Special Thanks…

Many of you raised your paddles with pride at the Fur Ball Auction to help Homeward Pet purchase essential items for the shelter including a cordless clipper kit, a compound microscope Microscope (225x300)and new dog intake/isolation kennels. While these tools may not sound flashy or fancy, we depend on them every day to provide our animals with the most basic care. Without them, we simply can’t do what we do.

Every month, the clippers readily prep hundreds of animals for surgery. The compound microscope is invaluable, helping clinic staff diagnose ear infections, skin infections, parasites and the cause of an animal’s itchy skin, upset stomach or anemia. It identifies the cell makeup of skin lumps as well as animals affected by ringworm. Clinic staff are able to diagnose and treat animals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

As for the dog intake/isolation kennels, we are excited to announce they have been ordered and will be installed this fall! The new kennels will ensure our dogs are housed in a safe and sanitary space where the possibility of spreading disease or bacteria is greatly reduced.

We would like to thank everyone who helped Homeward Pet purchase these crucial tools. Because of you, we are able to provide homeless animals with the highest level of care possible, ultimately saving more lives and making more matches.

Thank you,

Terri Inglis
Executive Director


A Remarkable Recovery!



It was clear Marie, Amber and Copper weren’t feeling well when they arrived at Homeward Pet – goopy eyed, sneezing and lethargic. The Homeward Pet Dunmire Veterinary Clinic suspected they had something more than the common kitty cold when exams revealed they had ulcers on their skin and mouths.

All three cats had contracted Feline Calicivirus (FCV), a contagious disease that can be life threatening and even fatal. Their health quickly plummeted and they were quarantined for weeks. Amber required emergency surgery for a uterine infection, but Marie was the sickest of them all. Severe ulcers had made their way into her mouth, esophagus and onto her foot-pads. She refused to eat, became dehydrated and was quickly losing weight. Pain medication did little to ease her discomfort. To keep her alive, a feeding tube was surgically placed into her neck and she was tube fed for weeks.



Thanks to donations to Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals, all three cats were provided the best quality care possible. They received antibiotics, pain medication and endless support and love from staff and volunteers. Today, Marie Amber and Copper are strong, healthy and ready to find their forever homes.

You can make a difference in the lives of animals like Marie, Amber and Copper by making a meaningful gift to Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals today. Whoopi’s Fund covers the cost of outsourced surgeries, important diagnostic tools like x-rays and ultrasounds, expensive medications, treatments and emergency vet care for Homeward Pet cats and dogs.

Read more about Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs animals here. 

Make a gift to support our special needs animals here.

Jelly Bean

Thanks to the efforts of our amazing community, volunteers and staff – Jelly Bean has been found!

When we received the call that Jelly Bean had escaped her Foster families back yard, we immediately implemented our Lost Pet Protocol;

  • HPAC staff hit the road to connect with the foster family and scope out the area where she went missing and begin the search
  • The appropriate animal control organization was contacted to report the details of our lost Jelly Bean
  • The Microchip company was contacted to report that her missing
  • Flyers were created and distributed in the area – with bright orange background to help them be seen by passing traffic – which led to helpful tips where she had been spotted
  • We posted to our Facebook page the details of Jelly Bean and the area she was last seen
  • An ad was placed on Craigslist with her photo and details of where she went missing – in the event someone was able to catch her
  • A large dog trap was set up with food and a blanket with her scent near where she went missing


Jelly Bean’s previous staff foster and her dog followed a recommendation to tie her dog to a tree near where Jelly Bean had last been seen – step away and allow her dog to bark. Within 5 minutes, Jelly Bean came out of the bushes to greet her canine friend and allowed the staff person to leash her up.  She was one happy girl!

All your efforts paid off!  Thank you!

Homeward Hero ~ At Home Vet

We are so thankful to At Home Vet in Woodinville, one of our veterinary partners, for their overwhelming support of the animals in our care in need of x-rays  – and on short notice. Their flexibility has helped us in evaluating and resolving medical issues more quickly, allowing for many of these animals to be cleared for adoption and into their new homes much faster.

Thank you Dr. Hanna Ekstrom and your amazing team!

Rachele Valadez -Vet Assistant and Office Manager

Rachele  -Vet Assistant and Office Manager

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom

Homeward Pet Celebrates…

The Homeward Pet van received a rousing applause from the crowds at the Kirkland 4th of July parade – as we help promote Kirkland Uncorked ~ Washington’s summer wine festival. Taking place July 15-17, 2016 in scenic Marina Park (25 Lakeshore Plaza Dr), the festival, a weekend long celebration of world-class Washington wineries, is a benefit for the Homeward Pet Adoption.

Use promo code ADOPT and get 2 extra tasting tokens!


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