Arlo in the River!

On Tuesday, Beth, one of our great Dog Volunteers, gave Arlo a chance to play in the Pilchuk River…and Arlo made the best of it!  The pictures say it all (including the tired ride back to the shelter!).

Arlo River2 (2)Arlo River 3

Read more about Arlo and all of our available dogs.

Happy Tail – from Freddy!

Dear Homeward Pet:

I want to thank YOU for the kind care and attention you gave me during my stay in Woodinville!  You took care of me well and got me in shape to lure some nice adopters into taking me in.  I really got to like all the nice volunteers who fed me and took me out for walks.

My new home is great!  I have luxury accommodations with all the amenities.  Meals included.  The activities director keeps me occupied with walks and games.  They got me some new jewelry with my name and phone number engraved on it.  It even matches my brand-new pet license.  And, you should see the snappy red collar and leash I’ve got!  It’s very complimentary to my tan-colored coat.  The girl dogs I meet on my walks are very impressed.

I was given my choice of “special spot” and I’ve chosen a nice little hidey-hole right next to Janet’s favorite chair.  She put a special blanket down for me so I can cuddle in and rest comfortably.

The grounds include a nice deck with a view of bushes and trees with lots of activity that I can keep an eye on.  There are even some squirrels who drop by from time to time who like to play “chase me if you dare.”  I have a whole fenced in yard with lots of lovely smells and places to do my potty things.  I like to lay in sunny spots on the deck and relax.

My new staff is very attentive and cooperative.  They are happy to provide me with long massages and soft laps whenever I want (they sure do watch a lot of TV!).  In return, I’ve been minding my manners, keeping quiet, cleaning my plate, staying out of mischief, and generally being a very good tenant.

Thanks again for all you’ve done for me.  I’m very happy now.  Say “hi” to my dog friends back in Woodinville.  Tell them to hang in there and they’ll find a nice new home soon.


Freddy (adopted August 2016)


Back to School Shopping!

It is that time of year again with the kids prepping for the start of a new school year. Consider purchasing their school supplies through and you will be helping the animals of Homeward Pet along the way!

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David & Sadie Speak!

This year’s Happy Tails Wine Walk ~ Dog Zone sponsor is Doggy Haven Resort. A longtime Homeward Pet supporter and their fourth year participating in the Wine Walk. Check out what owner, David Boyd & his sidekick Sadie, have to say.

Doggy Haven Resort

Celebrate Woodinville Heats Up!

Thanks to all who turned out for the Celebrate Woodinville Parade & Festival! Even with the heat, the dogs stayed cool for the event – with the kiddie pool, spray bottles and cool packs.

The Three Musketeers!

“So it all started with me, Axel, the big guy on the left. Mom adopted me when she visited the shelter back in 2012. She loved the place so much she became a volunteer. Not long after, she became a foster which quickly turned into a ‘foster failure’ when I got my little sister right there in the middle. Her name is Cali but you’ll have to look real close so you don’t won’t miss her. We love each other very much. But wait. Mom wasn’t quite finished. Lo and behold, who could resist this ‘little cutie’ on the right. That’s Boudicca, another ‘foster failure’ but quite a catch in our eyes. This youngster is keeping us young and on our toes! I wonder…how long will it be before Mom adds another one? Keep watching this page!”

Happy Birthday Macadamia!

Mac officially turned two today! This handsome hunk is just one of many felines at the shelter who are part of the 9 lives for $9 promotion!

All month long, Homeward Pet cats over two are just $9!

Take a peek at our awesome bunch of cats waiting to find homes!

Happy Tail – Copper!

Copper is adapting quite well to our family.  He and our female cat are getting along.  She still reminds him that she is the boss but they eat together, sleep together, and hang out in the sun rays together.  We have taken the introduction to our dog a little slower, but that is also going well.  The two of them check each other out and can now be in the same room.  Copper’s curiosity is shown in that he continues to approach our dog and not run away.  I suspect one day I will see Copper in Dozer’s bed with him.  Thanks again for helping us adopt this new member of our family.  -Kim


MudBay Off Broadway features Homeward Pet

A big ‘Thank You’ to MudBay Off Broadway for making Homeward Pet their featured shelter of the month for August.  All month, buy and drop off your donations of pet food and supplies for the Homeward Pet Food Bank at this paws-itively fantastic pet store, located at 815 E. Thomas St. in Seattle.  If you need help picking out an item to donate, talk to their knowledgeable staff or ask them for the Homeward Pet Shelter Essentials WishList.

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Call Me Muffin!

The former “Scruff-A-Muffin” was scruffy no more, and adopted fast! on the day after a bath and trim from Wendy and our friends at VCA Sno-Wood.  VCA Sno-Wood offers complete dog and cat grooming services in addition to vet care and boarding.  Call 425-483-5834.

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