Thanks to GS Troop 40908!

A huge THANK YOU to Kirkland’s Girl Scout Troop 40908, who spent a recent Saturday afternoon at Denny’s Pet World collecting donations for the homeless cats and dogs at Homeward Pet.  They brought in this mountain of pet food and supplies over the weekend.  Thanks again for all your hard work and caring!

Happy Tail – Wolfie!

Wolfie is adored by our four human children and parents.  If he hadn’t gotten love in the past, he is definitely making up for it.  His sweet and playful nature put smiles on our faces.  We think he is our therapy cat because he exactly knows what to do when we need a little furry love.  We are so happy we walked into your rescue that day.  Thank you so much for rescuing him!   -Kimi

Happy Tail – Ringo!

Ringo (formerly Durango) is the perfect dog for us! We are so happy to have him. His favorite activities include watching the ducks from the balcony window, chasing squirrels, and chewing apart every toy he owns.  He is the most curious dog I’ve ever known and he is such a big cuddle bug!  Thank you for helping bring him into our home.  I couldn’t imagine any other dog besides him.

Thank you again! The adoption process was so simple and easy! We got all of our questions answered and we gained a new member of the family!  -Marinda

A Visit from Bree

Bree came by for a visit today, with her wonderful adopter, Wendy.  This 11-year old Chocolate lab is one of the many ‘graduates’ of Homeward Pet’s Dog Behavior Team, and we’re thrilled to see her doing so well in such a caring home.

Homeward Pet’s Dog Behavior Team provides daily training sessions to dogs who need a little positive reinforcement to help them overcome anxiety (like Bree), shyness, being under-socialized, or over-exuberant, and more.  The Behavior Team is made up of our most experienced, well-trained volunteers, and our training network includes several local professional trainers and behaviorists who offer assessments and help create plans for our more challenging dogs.

Bree and Wendy are pictured with Kimberlee, who manages our Dog Behavior Team.

Thanks a Ton!

Thank you to All The Best Pet Care, Nature’s Variety, and Pound For Pound Drive participants for donating more than 2,300 lbs. of cat food to the shelter this week!  We have some happy kitties around here!

These wonderful supporters will also be donating dog food soon too!

Swing into Spring with this month’s Sponsor!

Meet this month’s Homeward Headlines eNewsletter sponsor… Martha Faulkner, RSVP Real Estate Broker and true animal lover!

When Martha isn’t finding her clients the homes of their dreams, you can find her walking Homeward Pet’s shelter dogs every week. Martha’s own home is filled with four-legged family members including her two shelter cats, Sammy and Morgan, as well as her dogs’, Libby and JoJo, all Homeward Pet alumni!

As an RSVP Real Estate Broker, Martha shares her love for animals by donating 10% of her commissions to Homeward Pet and other worthy organizations. Her new website proudly promotes her dedication to animals and Homeward Pet by listing our shelter as one of her charities of choice! Martha truly believes that ‘Everyone Needs a Home’.  You can learn more by visiting her website:


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From Homeless to Homebound

Francisco spent the first years of his life, wandering from place to place always seeking out some small comforts, and something more.

One day, he walked right onto a freeway of oncoming traffic. He tore across lanes and ducked between cars, terrified and looking for some sort of escape. A kind Samaritan pulled to the shoulder of the road and plucked little Francisco up, taking him to the local municipal shelter.

Francisco’s feet were torn and bloody, and nearly all of his claws were broken or had been ripped off from sprinting across the hard and unforgiving pavement. Francisco was transferred to Homeward Pet where he was greeted by gentle hands and friendly faces.

Clinic staff soaked his paws in warm, soothing water. His feet were wrapped in bandages to ease the pain and prevent infection. His litter box was filled with shreds of soft paper. For the first time in his life, Francisco had fresh water, food, shelter, warmth and a whole room of cats to keep him company!


Staff and volunteers showered Francisco with more love and attention than he’d likely ever known. Francisco’s wounds began to heal and his lovable, happy go lucky personality made him a fan favorite at Homeward Pet.

emmaline with Francisco (300x225)It was no surprise that in less than a week of being with us, a family fell in love with him too. Jenn, Chris and their two kids, Dash and Emmaline came into Homeward Pet looking for a kitten. But then they saw Francisco. He practically leapt out of his kennel to greet them, and after they heard his story, they wanted nothing more than to make him theirs.dash with Francisco (300x296)

A week later—when Francisco was fully healed and available for adoption—Jenn and her family scooped Francisco up, taking him off to his forever home, where he remains today.

Jenn says Francisco is the perfect addition to their family!

“He is so friendly. He loves everyone he meets, he’s gentle with the kids and adults and he has so much energy and is very curious. There is no object too high for him to jump to!”

Francisco will forevermore have a home to call his own, and a loving family.

Thank you for creating bright and exciting futures for animals like Francisco. And for helping Homeward Pet make meaningful matches that create so much love and happiness in our community.

Training to Trust

Here’s Levi and Mabel working with Dog Behavior Team trainers, Angie and Ashley, last night.  Levi and Mabel lived outdoors their whole lives and had limited interactions with people before arriving at Homeward Pet, and they’re learning that people are okay…and maybe even fun to be around.

Our Dog Behavior Team provides daily sessions to dogs who need some extra training.  They often work with dogs who are reactive to other dogs, who guard their toys, or pull hard on a leash.  But sometimes, we get dogs like Levi and Mabel, who’ve have had limited interactions with people.  Then, our Behavior Team works on building trust and getting those dogs comfortable with simple things, like petting, playing and being around people.

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