Fostering: Beyond the Call of Duty

It wasn’t long before Kim became suspicious over scabby bumps appearing on her foster dog, Piper’s head. A trip to Homeward Pet’s Dunmire Veterinary Clinic, confirmed what Kim had thought to be true. Piper had “Dermatophytosis,” the fungal infection most commonly known as ringworm.

Ringworm is very contagious and in the animal-sheltering world, is a double-edged sword. No shelter ever wants to quarantine a four-legged friend, but no shelter wants an outbreak of a contagious infection either.

That’s why fosters like Kim are our heroes.

Piper’s diagnosis meant she would be placed in Homeward Pet’s isolation room, or she could remain in Kim’s care. Kim had yet to foster a dog with ringworm, but she was up for the task. She would help Piper heal however long it would take.

Fostering an animal with ringworm was initially challenging. But, after the first few weeks Kim says “things just became routine.” Kim kept Piper in a playpen—isolated from her two cats— gave her medicated baths every week and washed everything Piper came in contact with several times a week.

Kim will be the first to tell you it was a lot of work, but completely worth it.

After two months of treatment and care, Piper who Kim describes as “the best little dog I’ve ever met” was ringworm free and has since found a loving family. Thanks to Kim, Piper had months of play, training and socialization to help her start life out on the right “paw!”

Fostering is one of the best services you can provide for a rescue organization, and for homeless animals. For Homeward Pet, it is essential to the success of our Adoption Program. Fostering increases the number of animals we are able to take in, reduces the percentage of cats and dogs who are returned to the shelter and allows us to care for animals who need high-quality medical aid, attention and care.

Kim has fostered 35 four-legged friends now and says “it’s addicting.” Her favorite part is falling in love over and over again and knowing every time she fosters, she is helping an animal find a home.

Homeward Pet is seeking fosters like Kim. If you think you may be interested in fostering than click here to learn more today.


You Gave it Your All! #GiveBIG 2017

You really know how to make our animals feel special! Your generosity was on full display as you helped Homeward Pet raise more than $28,000 during the Seattle Foundation’s #GiveBIG giving day challenge. 

These funds will provide dogs and cats with high-quality medical aid, help animals overcome behavioral issues, find seniors loving homes, give special-needs animals the care they need to thrive and create bright futures for our newborns.

Thank you for #GivingBIG. Together, we will continue to make sure every cat, dog, puppy and kitten is given the second chance they deserve.





Here are just a few lives you’ve already changed in 2017:

Callie, Binky and Francine – Callie required an emergency c-section to save all three of their lives.

Mr. Kitty – is a 14-year-old “underdog” senior cat who has been given his second chance at life and love.

Levi – was a backyard dog. He came to the shelter under-socialized and scared. The Dog Behavior Team worked with him on a daily basis teaching him he could trust and could love.

Ginger – arrived at the shelter under-socialized and fractious. The Cat Behavior Team taught Ginger that petting and touching is okay, and actually quite nice!

Cooper – needed extraordinary medical care.  He tore both ACL’s and had surgeries for both. He was placed in foster care for several months during his recovery.

Thanks to supporters like you, all of these animals have since found loving homes.


Homeward Pet offers Free Microchips!

At Homeward Pet, we’re big believers in microchips. It’s the best form of ID for your pet if ever lost – a permanent form of ID that can never be separated from your pet. Every Homeward Pet dog and cat is microchipped before being available for adoption.

For the month of June, Homeward Pet is offering FREE microchips every Tuesday and for one weekend, all prior to the 4th of July Holiday – the time of year when most pets go missing.

Read on for more details and dates!

Ginger Adopted!

It’s a happy day at Homeward Pet as Ginger – our longest resident – finds her home!  Shan Jiang came in to let us know that Ginger was doing great in her home…and she was ready to adopt and make it official.

We sent her home with this awesome portrait of Ginger, painted by Kirkland artist Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk, of Smile Art Paintings and Pet Portraits, who custom-painted this portrait as a gift for Ginger’s adopters!  You can see more of Jodie’s wonderful work in the hallway “gallery” at Homeward Pet Adoption Center.

A Shelter Essential Arrives!

Even the most essential item makes a huge difference in caring for our animals.  At our recent Fur Ball Auction, we asked our attendees to support our efforts to get a new hot water tank – for bathing and grooming dogs, doing laundry and dishes, performing dental surgeries and more – and they came through in a big way.  Our new, bigger, shinier tank was installed on Tuesday by Hudy Plumbing & Heating, and we couldn’t be more thankful to our tremendous supporters for giving us a way to have enough hot water to make it through the day!

Happy Tail – Baker and Rainie!

“We adopted Baker and Rainie (previously known as Kopa and Kiara) from Homeward Pet on August 30th, 2014.  We moved to Washington State that summer and we promised our little humans we would get two new kittens before school started that year. They have brought us so much joy and happiness. Rainie is a snuggle bug and loves to be near my daughters at all times. She is such a talker and we often call her R2D2 in the noises she makes. Baker is our little ‘dog’ who meets us at the door and meows to be picked up. He loves to be held and carried around the house. We are so lucky to have them.” – Jamie

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