Small but Mighty

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Animals have the ability to overcome amazing adversities, even the tiniest of kittens. All they need is the chance.

Meet Lexi.

When Lexi was just a week old, her mother was hit by a car on a remote road that ran past her home.

Unable to care for the orphaned kittens, Lexi’s owner surrendered her and her two brothers to a local rescue.

The kittens eventually made their way to Homeward Pet where they were placed in foster care and continued to grow big and strong. Little Lexi was the most outgoing of them all. She was peppy and playful, always wrestling with her brothers or batting around toy mice.

When Lexi was seven-weeks-old though, she was struggling to keep up with the rough and tumble lifestyle. Despite her fierce personality, she was showing signs of pain and distress. Lexi developed a limp and as she grew her right hind leg appeared twisted and swollen.

Homeward Pet’s veterinarian suspected her ankle was dislocated, and that she’d been born with this condition. Homeward Pet staff immediately scheduled x-rays and a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon—who confirmed our diagnosis.

Lexi was suffering from an abnormality that caused her ankle and shin to be malformed—one that most likely developed in utero.

Amputation was the best solution to guarantee Lexi a pain-free life. Lexi underwent surgery and two days after the operation, she was back to her spirited and spry self.

Not long after that, Lexi stole the heart of one of our very own volunteers, Jamie, and she quickly became part of a family.


Here is Jamie’s most recent Lexi update, now named Hopper!


“We adopted Hopper aka Lexi two months ago and she has become a wonderful, wild and sweet member of our cat family.

Already having a cat that has had leg surgeries, I immediately fell in love with Hopper when I saw her recovering. She was so sweet and silly I couldn’t resist her. I went home that day and couldn’t stop talking about her with my family. Already having three happy cats in our house we knew it might not be a good idea to bring in another. The following week I was surprised to see her again and I knew I had to have her. We brought her home and it has been the best experience.

We followed all of the steps to introducing a new cat, and thankfully our resident cats took to her fairly quickly. I was able to trust them alone together just 8 days after bringing her home. I would like to think our fireplace had something to do with it too. Our sibling cats (also adopted from Homeward Pet) love to sleep in front of the fire. Hopper quickly realized what a great idea that was and she slowly started making her way into the cat pile.

Hopper is such a sweet and silly kitty, she has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you, Ashley and Homeward Pet.” – Jamie, Homeward Pet Volunteer





Changing the World With Wine

Bob Delf loves making wine.

He enjoys the pleasure it brings others, the rich vintage flavors and the fact that every hand-crafted batch has its own unique taste.

The only thing Bob loves more than making wine is making a difference in his community, and like any skilled winemaker he has found a way to blend the two together.

For more than thirteen years now, Bob has used his winery, Northwest Cellars, to help local nonprofits in unique and generous ways.


For Homeward Pet, he has held countless benefits at his tasting room to raise proceeds for the homeless cats and dogs in our care. In addition to fundraisers, Bob has hosted volunteer appreciation parties, staff get-togethers, produced custom wine labels, and continues to provide the shelter discounted wine for annual events. Bob is always one of the first to buy tickets to Homeward Pet’s Annual Fur Ball Auction & Dinner, and every year he is there raising his paddle high.

Bob says he supports Homeward Pet because “it is a no-kill shelter and a beacon in the community for animal-welfare.”

Of course, Bob’s generosity doesn’t end with Homeward Pet. He loves being a voice and advocate for all humans and animals in need, and has helped countless organizations in the Greater Seattle area raise more money for their cause.

His motto has always been “if we all pitch in, we all benefit.”

Bob is a shining example of how a little creative thinking goes a long way in fostering a safer and kinder community for animals. Bob, we are so thankful for your partnership and generosity.

Cheers to Bob, for making the world a better place, one glass of wine at a time.

You can join Homeward Pet at Northwest Cellars in Kirkland during our upcoming Bow Wow Luau event! On July 29, slide on your flip flops, grab your canine pals and slip away for an afternoon in paradise where you can enjoy a glass of Fat Cat Fortissimo or Sit and Stay Chardonnay.

Northwest Cellars is a dog friendly winery based out of Kirkland. It was founded in 2004 with the vision to provide high quality wines at reasonable prices with unique custom-designed, personalized wine labels.

Learn more about Northwest Cellars today.


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