Cat Adoption Guidelines

Adoption Guidelines - Kittens and Cats

Kitten and Cat Guidelines

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  • We recommend that families with children under 5 years of age do not adopt young kittens (under 4 months old). Young kittens require careful handling.
  • We suggest that our kittens be adopted in pairs. If you’re interested in adopting one kitten (under 4 months old), you should have a young, playful, friendly cat, or have someone in the family at home most of the day.
  • We advise that all of our adopted cats and kittens be indoors only. Indoor Only cats live longer and healthier, and avoid the dangers and predators outdoors. At times, we’ll have cats that based on their history and behavior may be available for adoption as Indoor/Outdoor cats. Check the 'Available Cats' book, ask an Adoption Counselor or receptionist, or see our adoptable cats online.
  • We advocate against declawing cats. At times, we will have previously declawed cats available for adoption. Check the 'Available Cats' book, ask an Adoption Counselor or receptionist, or see our adoptable cats online.
  • We are unable to place cats on hold or take deposits for animals.

Proceeding with Adoption

Bring your completed Cat Adoption Application to Homeward Pet, where an Adoption Counselor will speak with you and review your application. You can view online cat descriptions and pictures of cats currently available for adoption.

If an animal is found that is a good match for you and your lifestyle, and your adoption proceeds:

  • You will pay a non-refundable adoption donation and sign our adoption contract.
    This contract is a legally binding document!
  • You will receive copies of the adoption contract and the medical record and health history of the animal. You will also be provided a free vet exam by one of our participating veterinarians.

Our adoption donations for cats are as follows:

  • $125 - Kitten (under 6 months) / $200 pair
  • $100 – Adolescent (6 months – 2 years)/$150 pair
  • $75 - Adult (2 – 8 years)/$125 pair
  • $50 – Senior (8 years and up)
  • $50 – Special Needs

The adoption cost covers only a portion of our animal care expenses and includes: spay or neuter surgery, FVRCP and Rabies vaccines (if appropriate), de-worming, flea treatment and micro-chipping. For safety reasons, we require all cats leaving our facility to be contained in a pet carrier. We will provide a cardboard carrier as part of the adoption or you may use your own carrier.

Our goal is to make good matches between companion animals and people, placing each individual animal in a suitable, loving home.



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