Kitten Shower

Our 3rd annual Kitten Shower was a real love and fur-fest!!

On Saturday, June 16th, the clouds stayed away but it was still raining kittens at Homeward Pet! More than 125 kitten lovers showed up to shower our tiniest residents with gifts of food, litter, toys and other supplies. These generous gifts help us stock our shelves to care for the more than 500 kittens we’ll take in this year and start them off on the right paw. 

Our community’s compassion and kindness provided our kittens with:

136 pounds of dry kitten food
208 pounds of litter
733 cans of kitten food
75 toys, like stuffed mice and feathers
8 scratchers
18 litter pans
136 rolls of paper towels
…and numerous treats, cleaning supplies, Ziploc bags, soap, wipes, and lint rollers!
(And that’s not even counting online donations!)

Thanks to our generous host, MoltenWorks Glass Studio, we had plenty of room for our celebration. 

Why are kitten donations so essential?

Every year, Homeward Pet shelters and finds homes for hundreds of kittens. Kittens, while irresistibly cute, require quite a bit of care until they are big and healthy enough to be adopted. Most kittens require weeks or months of foster care—those just days old require bottle-feeding every few hours while older kittens need guidance in learning to use litter boxes and proper play with their human friends. Some kittens want to snack on three or four meals a day, so keeping their bowls full is a top priority. Every few weeks, kittens received additional vaccinations and other forms of medical aid.

Wondering what our kittens need most? Here are some essential items:

    • Worlds Best Cat Litter
    • Cat Scratchers – our kittens love the Stretch & Scratch brand!
    • Basic Litter Pans (preferred size 18″ x 15″)
    • Paper Towels
    • Dry Kitten Food, preferred brands: Authority, Blue Buffalo, GO!, Innova, Merrick, Natural Balance, Now Fresh, Nulo, NutroMax, Pinnacle, Wellness
    • Canned Kitten Food, preferred brands: Authority, Blue Buffalo, NutroMax, Purina Fancy Feast, Wellness

It takes an entire village—of kind fosters, compassionate veterinarians, and donors like you—to care for one kitten.

How many kittens does Homeward Pet care for each year?

In 2017, we cared for 495 kittens throughout the year, most arriving in the summer months. The Fur Baby Shower helps us stock up in time for the busiest part of kitten season.

Missed the event?

You can still make a difference in the life of a homeless kitten. Check out Homeward Pet’s Fur Baby Shower Amazon Wish List and help us continue to gather the supplies our newborns need most.


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