Surrendering an Animal

So that we can help as many people and pets in our community as possible, we have established the following procedures for those requesting to surrender a cat or dog.

  1.  Cut and paste the following into an email, supply the appropriate answers, and send to
    • Owner’s name:
    • Owner’s phone number:
    • Animal’s name:
    • Dog or Cat:
    • Breed:
    • Gender:
    • Age:
    • Reason for surrender:
    • How long owned:
    • Where did you get the animal:
    • Is the animal spayed/neutered:
    • What is the animal’s activity level:
    • Describe the animal’s personality/temperament:
    • Describe the animal’s behavior around dogs:
    • Describe the animal’s behavior around cats:
    • Describe the animal’s behavior around kids (and kids’ ages):
    • Is the animal primarily indoors or outdoors:
    • Is the animal housetrained:
    • Does the animal have any history of house soiling or inappropriate elimination:
    • Is the animal current on vaccinations:
    • Any medical issues (past or present):
    • Describe the animal’s behavior at the vet or groomer:
    • Any behavioral issues (past or present):
    • Has the animal had any training:
    • Has the animal ever bitten (describe the circumstances and severity):
    • Does the animal have any history of aggression:
    • How soon do you need assistance re-homing:
      Note:  Submission of this Questionnaire does not guarantee our acceptance of your cat or dog. 
  2. Our Shelter Manager will review your completed form and respond within 72 hours.
  3. If your animal appears to be a good candidate for Homeward Pet, we will set up an appointment to bring the cat or dog in for a behavior assessment, and examination by our staff veterinarian.  Please bring any previous vet records.  Note:  Every animal must pass the behavior assessment and vet exam to be accepted.  We are unable to take in aggressive animals, animals with major health issues, or animals harboring any potentially contagious disease.  We must also determine if our kennel environment is appropriate for the dog or cat. 
  4. Following successful completion of the behavior assessment and vet exam, and if kennel space is available, you will be asked to complete and sign our Intake Questionnaire and transfer ownership of the animal to Homeward Pet.
  5. Although we do not require a donation, we are hopeful that owners will be able to make a donation to help defray some of the costs that we will incur in caring for and working to find a new home for this cat or dog.

Due to the limited capacity of our shelter and the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate requests for immediate surrender.

Homeward Pet does not take in stray animals.  For information on what to do if you find an animal, or where to take a stray animal, see the Community Pet Resources page (in the Resources section of our website) for the informational handouts ‘Found Pets and Stray Animals’ and ‘Animal Control Services’.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please try contacting the following shelters:

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Homeward Pet Adoption Center is a non‑profit, no‑kill animal shelter. Our mission is to give homeless animals a second chance through rescue, shelter, and adoption.