Lady Goes To The Beach!

Homeward Pet Adoption Counselor Danielle, spent the day with one of our wonderful, adoptable senior dogs:  “Tuesday was such a nice day, I took Lady to get some fresh air and sun.  We ended up walking Ballard Beach, visiting other dogs, taking a step in the water, and making friends with new people.  Lady had a blast!  Everyone that passed remarked, ‘You have such a cute dog’, or ‘She’s so well-mannered.’  She was the perfect dog!”  Read more about Lady, and see all of our adoptable dogs here.

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Happy Tail – Avery (formerly Gouda)!

Dear Homeward Friends –  Just wanted to send you an update on the little roly poly ball of doggie love that I adopted.  Avery (previously known as Gouda) has adjusted really well to her new life as an indoor dog.  She was a champ with her housetraining and has excellent manners.  Avery is a very happy girl, her tail seems to only stop wagging when she falls asleep.  She has a talent for making everyone stop to say hi and rub her belly.  Long walks in the park every day are helping her come closer to achieving her ideal weight (she’s lost ½ lb so far!).

Thank you so much for rescuing Avery, and for your advice when I was a panicking new dog mom the first few days.
🙂 Lori

Happy Tail – Vergil (formerly Basil)!

I know its been only a few days but he’s already completely settled in.  He’s acting like he’s lived here for years!  He’s been energetic and very playful, and seems to be eating perfectly normal.   The best thing is that he gives out “kitty hugs” where he’ll actually put his paws on your shoulder and snuggle your cheek.  My husband is in love with him, too.  We named him Vergil from Halo ODST the Xbox game.

I just wanted to thank you guys so much!  So far he has been the most perfect fit here.  We kept him in the bathroom at first, but he got so fed up in there we slowly introduced him to the rest of the apartment. He took about 10 minutes sniffing around then acted like this is where he’s always been.


A Steamy weekend at Kirkland Uncorked

We had a HOT DIGITTY TIME at this years Kirkland Uncorked! A portion of the proceeds benefit the Homeward Pet dogs and cats!

Bubble Time in the kennel!

Check out the video of handsome senior, Giovanni, enjoying bubble time in his kennel.  Giovanni is now in his forever home!



Happy Tail – Abby!

Abby (nee Wubbie) is settling in fabulously.  She’s a joy and loves nothing more than curling up with me for a snooze, chasing the laser pointer, eviscerating fuzzy toys, trying to jump to the top of the bookcase (!) and watching the birds out the windows.  She likes to talk constantly (even to herself in the next room) and is a delight to be around.
Thank you!


Kary & Jessie give HPAC some color!

We have a beautiful new addition to our lobby thanks to two talented artist volunteers, Kary and Jessie!

Lobby2 (250x188)




Follow the blue kitty prints to the cat room or the blue puppy prints to the dog room!

Lobby3 (250x166)

Lobby4 (250x166)


Happy Tail – Olive!

We adopted Olive on April 5th at Homeward Pet after visiting her the prior day.  After going to see a few other kittens at various locations we could not get her off our minds.  We were able to return the next day and when her playful and sweet personality won us over again, we brought her home.  She took a while to warm up , but our other cat Stella was excited over her new friend right away.  Olive and Stella enjoy a daily wrestle, bathe each other and sleep together.  We could not have gotten a better match for our family and playmate for Stella.  Thank you for all the good you do and joy you provide through pet adoption.

-Lindsey and Nathan

Homeward Heroes – Barb and Anita!

A big Thank You to volunteers Barb and Anita for upgrading our donation and supply room with heavy duty racks, and reorganizing all of our canned dog and cat food by expiration date (and to Barb for donating the racks!).  The room now holds more, and is easier to use…and this room gets used a lot!  The donation room not only stores the food and supplies that we use to care for all of our dogs and cats awaiting their forever homes, but is also the command center for the Homeward Pet Food Bank.  The Homeward Pet Food Bank fills the shelves at area food banks and community service organizations with pet food, toys and treats, helping people keep their pets at home.  Every week, the Homeward Pet Food Bank partners with local pet retailers to assist about 700 needy families with pets.  Thanks, Barb and Anita, you are Homeward Heroes!


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Kittens This Weekend (7/11-12)!

We’re starting this weekend (7/11-12) with 20 adoptable, adorable kittens ready to find their forever homes!  We’ll be open for adoptions from Noon – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.  See all of our available kittens here.  Read about our adoption guidelines here.  And visit our Resources/Before Your Adopt page to learn why kittens should be adopted in pairs.

Exciting news!

Ed and Sonya of Patit Creek Cellars Woodinville adopted Tybalt today! He has a future in winery office customer service.

Patit Creek is the Dog Zone location of our Happy Tails Wine Walk on September 19 – join us for a wine tasting dog walk in the Woodinville Hollywood Wine District to support our homeless animals in need!

Register today!

First family portrait

One of our fantastic foster care volunteers sent in this picture of Hailey and her kittens.  Hailey was very pregnant when she came into Homeward Pet;  her kittens were born in foster care on June 21st.  Mom is very sweet – and obviously very patient – and the babies are all doing great!


Today’s office helper…

Quasi is hanging out with the Executive Director, Terri Inglis, today…

Happy Tail – Jax (formerly Rolo)!


We adopted one of the Shepherd mix puppies from the litter in March, I attached a picture to show how much our little guy has grown! He was named Rolo at the shelter, but now goes by Jax, a very fitting name for him. He has been a ton of work, but is such a great dog!  He’s so smart – he just learned how to shake in only one day! He loves other dogs and other people and is so social with everyone and everything. He has the perfect amount of energy that we are able to provide play and excercise for. And please take note of how hilarious his ears are! They tent together when he is alert and it always makes us laugh. I am so glad we are able to give him his forever home, thank you for all the amazing work you do for animals!

Best, Emily and Andrew

Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 4th, marks the 239th year commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and forming the new nation—the United States of America. As a country we have so many things to be proud of, but one of the things we hold close to our hearts is how far we have come in the rights and protection of animals. We are so thankful to the countless individuals that continue to fight for the welfare of our voiceless companions. Every day you make a difference in the lives of the homeless animals we serve.



Happy Tail – Rufus!

I wanted to send you a picture of our dog Rufus. We picked him out in April, and we are so blessed to have him part of the family. Thank you for helping us find the perfect match.

Thanks again!
Elle and Tim

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