Happy Tail – Juneau!

Juneau quickly became a beloved member of our family (Victor, our other cat is doing amazingly well tolerating a kitten ;).  Juneau is VERY loved.  Thank you so much for her.  -Danielle

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Happy Tail – Biscuit (formerly Puma)!

Biscuit is great!  She is losing weight and feeling great.  Everyday she changes a little and is getting more and more personality!! She loves stairs now and is quick to go anywhere I go no matter what!  She loves the farm life, too.  She chases the chickens and cows (if you can believe it)!?  I am so happy she is in my life!  Her snorting and snoring makes me smile!


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A Big Donation Comes Rolling In!

A big THANKS to Mud Bay and Breeder’s Choice for this amazing donation!  It was all part of Mud Bay’s recent FUTY (From Us To You) Festival, where our hard-working volunteer, Carolyn Brookhart, was honored with the Award of Excellence.  Now, Breeder’s Choice has piled on (literally!) another 550 lbs. of cat food for Homeward Pet as part of the prize.  From us back to you – Thank you, Mud Bay and Breeder’s Choice!



Happy Trucking!

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Del’s Truck Rentals in Woodinville for helping us get everything to the Happy Tails Wine Walk on Saturday.  And for being such great supporters of Homeward Pet for so long!  We couldn’t do our big events without your big rigs!

Happy Tail – Josie and Oliver!

We adopted these two 8 days ago, named them Josie and Oliver (they were Jill and Charlie).  They’ve been inseparable since day 2.  Thanks so much for adding to our family!
-Vince, Jamie, Sophie, Rowan and Lila

Check out the blog entry from September 4th for a picture of ‘Charlie’ with his then-BFF, a little stuffed animal that he carried with him everywhere.  We couldn’t be more happy that he’s got a real, live friend…and a family that loves them both!

Sassy’s Day Out!

Sweet senior Sassy spent Monday “on the town” with one of our great volunteers. Said Lara, “Had a great day with lil’ Sassy. Here are some photos I took, just to make you smile. I hope she gets her home soon!” See Sassy, and all of our Available Dogs & Puppies, here.

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A Birthday for the Animals!

Poppy and her mom, Christina, came in with a big stack of donations for Homeward Pet.  Poppy recently had a birthday and instead of asking for presents, she asked for pet food and supplies for our homeless animals.  Thank you, Poppy!  And Happy Birthday to You!


More Kittens This Weekend!

It’s been another busy, hectic, unbelievably cute week at Homeward Pet.  Another dozen kittens grew big and strong enough to return from foster, be spayed or neutered, microchipped, and ready for adoption.  Come in this weekend to meet Sweeney and Todd (hanging out in their hammock!), or any of our available kittens.  Check out the ‘Before You Adopt’ section of our ‘Resources‘ page to read about the benefits of adopting kittens in pairs!  We always prefer to send our younger felines home with a friend.

Filling the Cart for the Animals!

Beaver Lake Middle School – Girl Scout Cadette Troop 40301, did some shopping for the dogs and cats at Homeward Pet!

Thank you Girls!


Happy Tail – Riley (formerly Taiga)!

My husband and I are so thrilled to have Riley as a member of our family!  When we got her, she was extremely nervous and showed signs of fear aggression. But we knew we had to give her a chance. By the second day, we could already see signs of change! She started approaching us more, was growling less and seemed to be making herself at home.  By the second week, she was much less nervous, more confident and started trying to play with our other dog, Maci Lou.  After a session with Mikkel (Becker, Homeward Pet’s pet behaviorist – available to our adopters as part of our Adopter Support Program), we started training her to help build more confidence and get her used to being handled. It didn’t take her long to learn all of her commands!  Now – three months later – she’s like a totally different dog!  She approaches strangers and lets them pet her (most of the time), she plays a ton, loves to travel in the car, enjoys the dog park and is a total love bug!  We are so glad that we gave her a chance!  She’s so sweet, very fun and we are totally in love!

We really appreciate how up front and transparent the staff at Homeward Pet were about Riley’s behavior challenges. It would have been much more difficult to work with her without knowing her full history.  The meeting with Mikkel was invaluable!  She helped us to understand how training could help Riley with confidence issues and resolve her fear aggression. All of the staff were extremely helpful!  The Homeward Pet adoption program offers so many resources for new families – what a fantastic program.

Thanks so much for working with us to welcome Riley home!


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Happy Tail – Annie!

I just wanted to let you know Annie is doing great. She is busy investigating her new home and is getting more and more comfortable every day. She is eating like a champ and is a super sweet kitty. I am so happy to have her!!! We are working on getting a little weight back on her.

I have attached a picture of her sitting in her favorite spot … the window sill! She seems to really enjoy watching the world outside the window and is spending less and less time under the bed 🙂   Thank you so much for your help in uniting me with Annie. I think we will be a great team!


New Cat Suites!

We recently remodeled our main Cat Room, adding two new Cat Suites that will give some of our more finicky cats a little more space and a lot more seclusion.  Not all cats like to share.  Some just want to be the stars of their own show.  And now that ‘star treatment’ can begin at Homeward Pet.  Like KC.  He’s an affectionate guy who loves sitting in laps and being pet, and just wants to be the center of attention.  See him on our Available Cats & Kittens page, and come visit him in our new Cat Suite.

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Kittens This Weekend!

Yes, we’ll have more than a dozen kittens available for adoption this weekend, including this cute little guy, Charlie.  Charlie’s best friend is a stuffed kitten named ‘Brother’, and Charlie carries him everywhere.  But what he’d really love is another young, active kitten to wrestle and play and grow up with.  Visit the ‘Before You Adopt’ section of our Resources page to read our handout about the benefits of Adopting Kittens in Pairs.  Adoption hours this weekend are Saturday and Sunday, Noon – 6pm.

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