Homeward Pet does not euthanize for space or for time.  We do not euthanize adoptable animals.  We will only choose humane euthanasia for animals deemed unadoptable due to health issues – used only to ease an animal’s suffering from an injury or untreatable illness – or uncorrectable behavior issues that present a safety concern to the community.  Homeward Pet feels that it is our responsibility to not place a dangerous animal within our community.

We will consider all available options for an unadoptable animal before considering euthanasia, including medical treatments, rehabilitation, training behavior modification, and alternate living situations.  (We seek hospice care for animals whose medical issues are significant, but are maintaining a good quality of life.)

No shelter in any community works in a vacuum.  Our efforts are reflected in each other’s animal population.  Homeward Pet is a private facility – when we run out of room, we have the luxury of not accepting more animals until the animals we have are adopted.  Public shelters, with an obligation to the city or county that funds them, do not have that luxury.  When public shelters are full they have no choice but to euthanize even adoptable animals to make space for those coming in.  Public shelters rely on us and other private shelters or rescue groups to take in adoptable animals and keep their population low enough to avoid euthanizing.

We believe strongly that spay or neutering your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner.  That is why we spay or neuter any unaltered cats or dogs that come into our care.  Our belief is that spay and neuter programs have the biggest impact on the overpopulation problem and ultimately will lower the euthanasia rate.  Educating the public on the importance of this practice is resulting in saving the lives of otherwise healthy cats and dogs that are at high risk for euthanasia.

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Homeward Pet Adoption Center is a non‑profit, no‑kill animal shelter. Our mission is to give homeless animals a second chance through rescue, shelter, and adoption.