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They’ve Got Generosity in the Bag

This month’s eNewsletter sponsor is one to brag about—or shall we say “bag” about! Pacific Bag, Inc. is a local and longtime community partner of Homeward Pet who specializes in bulk bags and packaging services. Pacific Bag’s hard work and dedication to their industry, has placed them on the cutting edge of packaging technology.

Catch up with Pacific Bag’s very own Marketing Supervisor, Whitney Smyth, and see what she has to say.

“Located on the Woodinville-Redmond Road, Pacific Bag, Inc. got its start over 30 years ago selling stock packaging. It has remained the core of what we do, because the need for unprinted, unlabeled “stock” bags, sold in small case quantities, is stronger than ever.

We service more than 4,500 customers in 50+ countries with a wide selection of stock products ranging from side gusset bags, stand-up pouches, paper tin-tie bags, flat pouches, bulk packaging, java boxes, rollstock, accessories, tins, bag sealers, weigh and fill machines, and more. We specialize in markets varying from coffee, specialty food and pet food, to agricultural products.

PBi takes pride in supporting our local community. Regardless of how you choose to define community, we believe that we have a shared responsibility for it. PBi, while proud of our commitment to all the communities we travel within, we continue to seek ways to help local causes, encourage employee involvement and join with our partners in giving back to this world we all call home. As part of who we are, we believe strongly in giving back into the industries we service and our local community. By helping Homeward Pet Adoption Center, we get to do both and see some wonderful animals find their forever homes. We thoroughly enjoy supporting Homeward Pet!”

Visit the PBi website to learn more ~ www.pacificbag.com

Coping with Cushing’s

Roxie and Mimi have a few things in common. Both charming seniors have big smiles, playful personalities and endless tail wags…and they share the same chronic medical condition. But your support set these two sweethearts on a path to health and happiness. 

During Roxie and Mimi’s intake exams, our vets became suspicious that these two ladies weren’t just packing on a few extra pounds. Their abdomens were enlarged, their fur was patchy and thin, and they were riddled with skin issues. Basic treatments were started, and as we continued to monitor their health and behavior, we noticed other symptoms like frequent drinking and urination, and an increased appetite. Lab tests were performed which confirmed what our veterinary team suspected from the start.

Roxie and Mimi had Cushing’s disease, which occurs when the body produces too much Cortisol—a hormone that helps manage stress. Cushing’s is common in older canines, but is often difficult and costly to diagnose. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments to help manage the condition, but each case is different and it takes time to determine the right medication and dial in the dosage for each animal.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, Homeward Pet had the necessary resources to help Roxie and Mimi through each step.  Today they are healthy, happy pups. Both have already found their forever homes with kind-hearted caretakers, dedicated to managing their condition with daily oral medication and regular testing to monitor changes and adjust medication.

Roxie and Mimi are just two of the many animals who have received extraordinary medical care through Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals. Already this year, Homeward Pet’s veterinary team and partners have provided a number of homeless cats and dogs with major surgeries, ultrasounds, expensive medications, extensive treatment plans and emergency vet care.

You can make a life-changing difference for even more animals needing medical aid and attention by making a meaningful gift today.

Thank you for creating bright futures for nearly 2,000 cats and dogs every year, especially those who need extra time, care and support. Together, we can continue to create new beginnings for more animals in-need than ever before. Read more about Whoopi’s Fund for Special Needs Animals here.


Romp, Run or Roll into Summer

Whether your furry friends like to romp, roll, run or relax, Homeward Pet’s July eNewsletter sponsor and partner, Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch offers a wide range of activities and services that will get your furry friends, out, about and having some summertime fun.

Here are a few words from Bone-A-Fide’s very own founder and owner, Lauren Rick!

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a longtime supporter and fan of Homeward Pet!  Bone-A-Fide is a home away from home for the happiest dogs in the Northwest—providing dog boarding and dog daycare to those from Seattle, Everett, Snohomish, Bellevue, and areas beyond for over 15 years. Here at the ranch, dogs can run and play freely, exploring acres of open, rustic (yet fully fenced) land. It’s fun for all kinds of dogs—from supervised outdoor trails, to heated/AC indoor play spaces, to homey bedrooms for dogs who are spending the night. There’s plenty of TLC and supervision. It’s a fun, safe place that both you and your dog will love.

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a great alternative to traditional kennels and indoor facilities for well-socialized dogs. It’s also a breath of fresh air for dog owners, who can relax knowing our team is 110% focused on keeping their pets safe, happy and healthy.

We charge a flat fee for dog boarding that covers anything your dog might need. (We won’t nickel and dime you for things like giving medicine.) They’ll enjoy up to eight hours of supervised play daily on our 5 acres!

To make dog daycare easy for you, you can drop off your dog or use our convenient van service (either door-to-door or at Marymoor Park).

Drop-off dog daycare is available seven days a week. You can bring us your pooch anytime after 7:30 am, and pick them back up anytime before 6:00 pm. Door-to-door dog daycare van service is available Monday through Friday, for pick-up and drop-off at your home. Van service is currently available in much of Seattle and Snohomish County. Be warned: after playing all day at the ranch, your dog will come back from dog daycare a little dirty, mighty pooped and very happy!

Come sniff around and drop by for a “Meet & Greet” visit during our weekly open house every Saturday (except major holiday weekends) between 12- 2:30pm.

Thank you Bone-A-Fide for being such a wonderful partner and supporter!

Bone-A-Fide, where dogs are free to be dogs.



Small but Mighty

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Animals have the ability to overcome amazing adversities, even the tiniest of kittens. All they need is the chance.

Meet Lexi.

When Lexi was just a week old, her mother was hit by a car on a remote road that ran past her home.

Unable to care for the orphaned kittens, Lexi’s owner surrendered her and her two brothers to a local rescue.

The kittens eventually made their way to Homeward Pet where they were placed in foster care and continued to grow big and strong. Little Lexi was the most outgoing of them all. She was peppy and playful, always wrestling with her brothers or batting around toy mice.

When Lexi was seven-weeks-old though, she was struggling to keep up with the rough and tumble lifestyle. Despite her fierce personality, she was showing signs of pain and distress. Lexi developed a limp and as she grew her right hind leg appeared twisted and swollen.

Homeward Pet’s veterinarian suspected her ankle was dislocated, and that she’d been born with this condition. Homeward Pet staff immediately scheduled x-rays and a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon—who confirmed our diagnosis.

Lexi was suffering from an abnormality that caused her ankle and shin to be malformed—one that most likely developed in utero.

Amputation was the best solution to guarantee Lexi a pain-free life. Lexi underwent surgery and two days after the operation, she was back to her spirited and spry self.

Not long after that, Lexi stole the heart of one of our very own volunteers, Jamie, and she quickly became part of a family.


Here is Jamie’s most recent Lexi update, now named Hopper!


“We adopted Hopper aka Lexi two months ago and she has become a wonderful, wild and sweet member of our cat family.

Already having a cat that has had leg surgeries, I immediately fell in love with Hopper when I saw her recovering. She was so sweet and silly I couldn’t resist her. I went home that day and couldn’t stop talking about her with my family. Already having three happy cats in our house we knew it might not be a good idea to bring in another. The following week I was surprised to see her again and I knew I had to have her. We brought her home and it has been the best experience.

We followed all of the steps to introducing a new cat, and thankfully our resident cats took to her fairly quickly. I was able to trust them alone together just 8 days after bringing her home. I would like to think our fireplace had something to do with it too. Our sibling cats (also adopted from Homeward Pet) love to sleep in front of the fire. Hopper quickly realized what a great idea that was and she slowly started making her way into the cat pile.

Hopper is such a sweet and silly kitty, she has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you, Ashley and Homeward Pet.” – Jamie, Homeward Pet Volunteer





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