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Beat Rainy Days at Doggy Haven

For many years, Doggy Haven Resort has been an active Homeward Pet supporter. In addition to providing free classes to all dogs adopted from us, Doggy Haven offers a variety of services, from grooming to doggy daycare to vacation boarding. Best of all, they have quite a few indoor dog play areas for rainy days!

Below, Doggy Haven Resort’s owner (and Homeward Pet board member!), David Boyd, shares more about their services:

“Doggy Haven Resort, a local full-service dog resort for boarding, grooming, training and daycare has been a Homeward Pet partner since 2010.

Doggy Haven is for socialized dogs who desire to be with their canine friends. Our skilled staff, many of whom have been with us for the last decade, are well trained in dog behavior. In addition, we have ongoing staff training programs through “The Dog Gurus” with Robin Bennett, renowned dog behavior expert. We social test each dog for appropriate activity. Our facility offers four separate play yards so that dogs can be graded for activity level and size. Each dog has its own room for rest, meals and sleep time. Remodeled to enhance our capacity and cleanliness in 2014, we offer heated floors, air-conditioning and a rapid air exchange system to ensure your dogs’ health. Classical music is played at night for the calmest nighttime environment.

Our training facility is in a separate 2500 square foot field house, sometimes called the “doggy dome”. Our trainers are CPDT credentialed and one, Mikkel Becker, is the co-author of 6 books and a national speaker and adviser on animal behavior to veterinarians. The field house provides space for dogs to be far enough apart while in small class sizes of up to 8. The field surrounding the training area is used for outdoor training and play time in the warmer months.

Our three groomers each have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and all are tuned into dog handling to ensure the lowest stress grooming experience possible. The bathing and grooming we do is all backed by a money-back guarantee.

Dogs come to see us on a daily basis for daycare, so that they can play and not get into trouble while their “parents” are away at work. We love dogs at Doggy Haven and invite you for a tour during our regular tour hours of Tuesday and Saturday from 1-3 or other times by appointment.

Doggy Haven, because your dog deserves the best!”

You can learn more about Doggy Haven Resort here.

Matches Made, Lives Saved

It’s been over a decade since I first stepped through Homeward Pet’s doors. I’ve held many titles since then—volunteering as a Sunday morning Dog Walker, President of the Board of Directors, donor, Development Committee member, and my favorite: adopter.

During the winter of 2015 I met JoJo while walking the dogs at Homeward Pet. After getting to know what a sweet, loving boy he was, I was hooked. He was 9 years old at the time and graying, with some lumps and bumps under his golden fur.

                                  JoJo & Libby

Homeward Pet did so much for JoJo. Other animal shelters may not have had the resources to give him the medicine and diagnostics he needed— and continue caring for him even after finding the beginnings of cancer. I knew then that I wouldn’t have many years with him, but that I could give him a warm and gentle home to spend his twilight years in.

He was everything you could want in a companion: smart, friendly, and the best ambassador dog you could ask for. To give him a good home for his final years was the least I could do for such a special dog who brought happiness to everyone he met.

I firmly believe that dogs can teach us so much about kindness and unconditional love. JoJo did that—for me, for my partner, Susie, and for our other dog, Libby. Before JoJo, Libby had struggled with showing affection, but soon she began to follow JoJo’s approach: stroll up to me, plop his head in my lap, and wait expectantly for pets. It was wonderful to watch Libby as she started to approach me in the same way.

                    JoJo enjoying a sunny day

We can never have as long as we want with our pets. After two years with us, we said goodbye to JoJo. In the short time we had together, all he did was give, give, give. 

I’ve adopted three senior dogs in a row. Each time I lose them, I’m prepared to think, “I’m never doing this again.” But then I think of taking JoJo to the ocean for the first time, and how happy he was as he bounded in the waves. Though I was only part of his story for its last few chapters, I hope I brought him happiness. I know he brought that to me.

As a local real estate broker, I am proud to combine my two passions of real estate and animal welfare. For 12 years, I’ve donated 10% of my commission to the local animal rescues. I believe that we as humans have the responsibility to take care of all animals, and adopting these older dogs is a way I can help with a little piece of that. Not all animal shelters have the resources to care for older dogs, but I’m thrilled to support one that does.

Martha Faulkner
RSVP Real Estate Broker, Sunday Morning Dog Walker & Former Homeward Pet Board President

Romp & Roll with Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch

Whether your furry friends like to relax in the sun or race with the pack, Homeward Pet’s October e-newsletter sponsor and partner, Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch, offers a wide range of activities and services that will get your furry friends out and about.

After five years of being a professional dog walker in NYC, owner Lauren decided to open Bone-A-Fide, where dogs of all breeds and sizes can roam, play, and sleep easy after a long and active day.

Here are a few words from Bone-A-Fide’s very own founder, Lauren!

“Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a longtime supporter and fan of Homeward Pet! Bone-A-Fide is a home away from home for the happiest dogs in the Northwest—providing dog boarding and dog daycare to those from Seattle, Everett, Snohomish, Bellevue, and areas beyond for over 15 years. Here at the ranch, dogs can run and play freely, exploring acres of open, rustic (yet fully fenced) land. It’s fun for all kinds of dogs—from supervised outdoor trails, to heated/AC indoor play spaces, to homey bedrooms for dogs who are spending the night. There’s plenty of TLC and supervision. It’s a fun, safe place that both you and your dog will love.

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a great alternative to traditional kennels and indoor facilities for well-socialized dogs. It’s also a breath of fresh air for dog owners, who can relax knowing our team is 110% focused on keeping their pets safe, happy and healthy.

We charge a flat fee for dog boarding that covers anything your dog might need. (We won’t nickel and dime you for things like giving medicine.) They’ll enjoy up to eight hours of supervised play daily on our 5 acres!

To make dog daycare easy for you, you can drop off your dog or use our convenient van service (either door-to-door or at Marymoor Park).

Drop-off dog daycare is available seven days a week. You can bring us your pooch anytime after 7:30 am, and pick them back up anytime before 6:00 pm. Door-to-door dog daycare van service is available Monday through Friday, for pick-up and drop-off at your home. Van service is currently available in much of Seattle and Snohomish County. Be warned: after playing all day at the ranch, your dog will come back from dog daycare a little dirty, mighty pooped and very happy!

Come sniff around and drop by for a Meet & Greet visit during our weekly open house every Saturday (except major holiday weekends) between 12- 2:30pm.”

Learn more about Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch.

You’ll “Fall” for Billy

Billy’s journey to Homeward Pet arose from tragic circumstances beyond his control. Due to anti-pit bull policies, Billy’s family was forced to turn him over to a shelter. Through no fault of his own, Billy was homeless.

Fortunately, Billy found his way to Homeward Pet.

For a few months now, we’ve been helping Billy search for his new home. Over walks, playtime, and snuggles in his kennel, Adoption Counselor Kacy has gotten to know Billy pretty well.

“Billy makes me instantly happy,” she says. “He’s got a huge zest for life and enjoying it to its fullest—which usually involves toys.”

Case in point: any time you meet Billy, he’s likely to have a sturdy rubber Kong in his mouth. Walks, of course, are no exception—he’ll happily carry his toys for miles without pause.

“The most I’ve ever seen him cram in his mouth at once is three Kongs,” Kacy says. “He’s like a big chipmunk.”

Though he might look a little imposing, Kacy know he’s a big sweetie under all the muscles: “If I had to compare him to a celebrity, he’d be The Rock. He looks beefy and bulky, but he’s really a sweet and gentle soul. There isn’t a mean bone in his body.”

Since he’d prefer not to share his toys, Billy is hoping for a home where he is the only dog. He’s a big, energetic guy who’ll need an exercise buddy or a place where he can run around. He also knows how to use a doggy door for outside breaks.

Like all pit bulls, Billy has got the biggest smile and can’t wait to meet you. Come see him in person today!

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