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(Good) Dog Days at Doggy Haven Resort

For many years, Doggy Haven Resort has been an active Homeward Pet supporter. In addition to providing free classes to all dogs adopted from us, Doggy Have offers a variety of services, from grooming to doggy daycare to vacation boarding.

Below, Doggy Haven Resort’s owner (and Homeward Pet board member!), David Boyd, shares more about their services:

Doggy Haven Resort, a local full-service dog resort for boarding, grooming, training and daycare has been a Homeward Pet partner since 2010.

Doggy Haven is for socialized dogs who desire to be with their canine friends. Our skilled staff, many of whom have been with us for the last decade, are well trained in dog behavior. In addition, we have ongoing staff training programs through “The Dog Gurus” with Robin Bennett, renowned dog behavior expert. We social test each dog for appropriate activity. Our facility offers four separate play yards so that dogs can be graded for activity level and size. Each dog has its own room for rest, meals and sleep time. Remodeled to enhance our capacity and cleanliness in 2014, we offer heated floors, air-conditioning and a rapid air exchange system to ensure your dogs’ health. Classical music is played at night for the calmest nighttime environment.

Our training facility is in a separate 2500 square foot field house, sometimes called the “doggy dome”. Our trainers are CPDT credentialed and one, Mikkel Becker is the co-author of 6 books, national speaker and advisor on animal behavior to veterinarians. The field house provides space for dogs to be far enough apart while in small class sizes of up to 8. The field surrounding the training area is used for outdoor training and play time in the warmer months.

Our three groomers each have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and all are tuned into dog handling to ensure the lowest stress grooming experience possible. The bathing and grooming we do is all backed by a money-back guarantee.

Dogs come to see us on a daily basis for daycare, so that they can play and not get into trouble while their “parents” are away at work. We love dogs at Doggy Haven and invite you for a tour, during our regular tour hours of Tuesday and Saturday from 1-3 or other times by appointment.

Doggy Haven, because your dog deserves the best!

You can learn more about Doggy Haven Resort here.

Thank You for an Amazing 2017!

Dear Friends,

Silence is rare in Homeward Pet’s kennels—our dogs and cats are quite chatty. But when I walked around the shelter in the last days of 2017, I was struck by how quiet it was. So many of our animals had left kennel after kennel behind for caring homes.

Not only was this past year filled with heartwarming stories of adoption, but you rallied around community members in need through programs like our Pet Food Bank. I hope you will join me in celebrating more of the amazing accomplishments you made possible this past year.

Gary Rubin, Executive Director

Fur Ball Tickets Available Now

It’s an evening of celebration: each year at Homeward Pet’s Fur Ball Auction & Dinner, we honor past success and look forward to creating bright futures for animals, no matter the care. Join us Saturday, May 19, at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue for an evening of festivity and generosity.

Reserve your seats today!

Opal and Wallace: A New Year Without Pain

Dear Friend,

Let me introduce you to two of our most beloved dogs: Opal and Wallace.

Opal and Wallace are alike in a lot of ways. Both are German Shepherd mixes. Both appreciate social time with volunteers, not least because of the treats brought with them. Both are sweet dogs, magnetic even from far away.

Both have been with us for months—far exceeding our average canine’s stay of ten days—healing, resting, and recovering from the same severe injury.

When Opal and Wallace arrived at our veterinary clinic for their intake exams, just a couple weeks apart, it was clear something was wrong. During the team’s routine examination of the dogs, we discovered a few more things Wallace and Opal had in common: They favored their back legs, Wallace his left, Opal her right. Their gaits weren’t quite right. Each step seemed to pain them.

Drs. Tina and Jenny couldn’t confirm their diagnosis without special equipment. Both pups were sent to a veterinary orthopedist, who confirmed our initial suspicions: Opal and Wallace were suffering from a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL)—the equivalent injury of a human ACL tear. Based in part on the severity of the tears, the dogs had been living with their injuries for some time—years, most likely. Wallace’s hind muscles were greatly atrophied; Opal had arthritis in both hips, likely exacerbated by the torn ligament.

From the orthopedist we also learned another important fact: the surgery to replace the dogs’ ligaments would cost several thousand dollars. Each.

Though we’re no stranger to animals with special needs, the duplicate expenses were extraordinary. But there was no doubt in our minds. Of course we would help them—how could we let them continue to live in pain?

Generous supporters stepped in, going above and beyond in their love for our animals. Steve and Andy Kloetsch, cofounders of RSVP Real Estate, both expressed a similar goal that motivated their gifts: the desire to help Opal and Wallace lead pain-free lives.

Their dedication to Homeward Pet extends beyond the cause of these two deserving animals, however. When asked what inspired their gifts, Andy spoke about lessons learned from animal companions: “The love and compassion pouring from our pets is endless but also inspiring. In learning from them, we all needed help and we need to help those who can’t help themselves.”

Similarly, Steve was pleased to see the transformation wrought by his gifts: “We wanted to give them the love and help to heal. We had the opportunity to meet Opal and Wallace before and following the surgery; seeing them not in pain and happy is the best gift we could have received.”

The good from their gifts didn’t stop there. After learning of RSVP’s generosity, an anonymous donor came forward to match it—fully covering the cost of both surgeries.

Opal and Wallace’s road to recovery is still ongoing. Wallace has relocated to foster care, and Opal walks with specially trained volunteers. Both have one shaved back leg; both spent time taking hesitant steps in leg slings and making pity eyes from cones. Both receive physical therapy to strengthen their weakened muscles.

Both are beginning to feel what it’s like to walk without pain—thanks to animal lovers like you.

We believe that each animal should have an equal opportunity when they arrive at our shelter, receiving the help they need to thrive in the home that’s waiting for them. As Homeward Pet grows, so does the number of stories like Opal and Wallace’s—animals who need more than shelter care, but who are affectionate, loyal dogs with some bad luck.

In 2017, Opal and Wallace took their first steps without pain. In 2018, help us reach other animals like them. Give a gift today to make more animals’ dreams of a better new year come true.

Thank you,

Gary Rubin
Homeward Pet Executive Director


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