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Golden Oldies: The Benefits of Senior Pets

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month at Homeward Pet Adoption Center, when we focus attention on our more mature, more experienced, often more easygoing animals.  Frequently overlooked during summer’s kitten and puppy season, an older dog or cat can make the perfect companion—and that’s why we’re singing their praises during our month of Golden Oldies!

6 great reasons to adopt a senior cat

  • Older cats are easier to take care of – their calmer character is perfect for a senior citizen, someone with a quiet home, or even a busy professional who’s worried about their kitty getting into trouble while they’re at work.
  • Senior cats’ personalities are well-established, so you know what temperament you’re getting.
  • Older cats are often more tolerant and better with small children.
  • Adopting a senior cat makes a statement about compassion and the value of life at all ages.
  • Homeward Pet senior cats are 8 years of age and up, so they’ve still got plenty of life ahead of them and may well live another decade or more!
  • Most importantly, every cat regardless of age deserves a good home.

7 great reasons to adopt a senior dog

  • Older dogs are often calmer and have usually had some training, both in obedience and housetraining.
  • Senior dogs have been socialized and have already learned what it takes to be part of your “pack.”
  • With a senior, what you see is what you get– you don’t have to guess how big they’re going to get or what their personality will be.
  • Senior dogs are less demanding of your time, content to just hang out while you read a book or get a good night’s sleep (try doing that with a puppy!). But these instant companions are also ready to go when you are – hiking, car rides, fetch and more.
  • Adopting a senior dog makes a statement about compassion and the value of life at all ages.
  • Homeward Pet senior dogs are 8 years of age and up, so they’ve still got plenty of life ahead of them!
  • Most importantly, every dog regardless of age deserves a good home.

Find out How Sweet It Is to be loved by an older cat or meet your distinguished Hound Dog today!

A heartfelt thank you to Sno-Wood VCA Animal Hospital for sponsoring us and allowing discounted adoptions November 1 – 30!

2017: A Life-Changing Year for Animals

Dear Friend,

Since assuming the role of Interim Executive Director I’ve experienced firsthand the commitment to compassion for the dogs and cats who pass through Homeward Pet. One of the things I enjoy most is taking a group on a tour of our facility and sharing adoption success stories. Visitors are always so impressed by the obvious care and consideration that is given to each animal from their arrival to their new loving home.

I want to take this opportunity to show how your generosity makes it possible for us to continue our mission of providing every animal a second chance through rescue, shelter and adoption. Your continuous support of our essential programs is the backbone of each success story you’ll read in our 2017 Annual Report. I hope you will join me in celebrating these victories for our community’s animals by reading our full report here.

Best regards,

Marie Wolfanger
Interim Executive Director

Becky Looks for Her Full House

Looking for the love of your life? A devoted companion that would love nothing more than to be by your side? Becky is an affectionate and eager to please pup – she will be your copilot through all of life’s adventures. Becky will thrive in a home that can offer her consistency, and she adapts easily to routines: play time, walk time, meal time, sleep time, and her favorite of all times, snuggle time! A home that is on the quieter side would be best for her – apartments and condos would likely be a little too busy. Becky is looking for a home without any other pets so she can soak up all of your love, affection and attention. She is also looking for a loving adult-only home that will continue her training and help her reach her full potential. In return she will reward you with endless love and companionship. 

Becky is a staff favorite at the shelter and Animal Behavior Manager, Jenny Black, has only the best things to say about her:

“Becky greets everyone with tail wags, wiggles, and kisses, no matter if she has already seen you ten times that day or is just meeting you for the first time. Her favorite things to do include cuddling, trying to perfect her very important job of being a lap dog, splashing in her pool, and learning new tricks! As if being happy and cuddly wasn’t enough, she’s also smart and athletic – can you ask for more? She’s a great walker on leash, she has the best smile, and she’s ready to be your best friend!”

Come in to learn more about her and see if Becky is a match!

Sponsor Spotlight: Seattle Veterinary Associates

Thank you to September’s e-newsletter sponsor, Seattle Veterinary Associates! This group of practices has locations throughout Seattle, and offers compassionate care and treatment to a variety of animal species—including pigs!

Kelly Semple, SVA staff, shares this about SVA:

“Seattle Veterinary Associates (SVA) is a veterinarian-owned, locally-grown group of four practices to serve your pets’ medical needs. Our practices include Green Lake Animal Hospital, Queen Anne Animal Clinic, Northwest Veterinary Hospital, and Ravenna Animal Hospital. We also offer mobile services provided in the comfort of your pets’ own home through our SVA On The Go service. Our company was established in 1971 by veterinarians whose passion was to provide the highest quality medical care combined with building long-lasting relationships with their clients and patients. Led by our second generation of veterinarian owners, today we continue our founders’ passion and have been a mainstay in the Seattle veterinary community for over 47 years. We are committed to your pets’ healthcare by providing continuing education and supporting the special interests of our veterinarians and staff. We also collaborate with area specialty hospitals to ensure your pets always have access to gold standard veterinary care.

Koko smiles as Mr. June for the Homeward Pet 2018 calendar

Our mission is to “Make life better for people and their pets.” Of course, staff knows that it’s really about making life better for pets and their people.

Over the years SVA has had many, many memorable clients and patients, some of which are Homeward Pet alumni. We’re particularly proud of being early adopters of the Fear-Free philosophy and have required all staff to learn methods of low-stress handling before interacting with our patients. Practicing in a low-stress, fear-free environment was particularly helpful when it came to Koko, a high-stress malamute mix who was featured in the Homeward Pet 2018 calendar. Koko was one of the handsomest, sweetest dogs but he hated having his nails trimmed. Through positive reinforcement and kindness, we were able to help transform Koko’s appointments from something he found terrifying to something Koko looked forward to. He went from needing a muzzle to laying down eagerly and taking treats politely during his pedicure.


One of our hospitals has a doctor who even sees pigs. One of the things that stands out about our treatment of pigs is that we extend the same low-stress fear-free handling to our pig patients as we do to dogs and cats. Our doctor recognizes that pet pigs are not farm animals and deserve the same patience, care, and respect as we offer our other patients.


One of the reasons we all choose to do what we do is our love of animals. And we like to treat our patients just like we want our own pets treated. With kindness. After all, our pets are our patients, too!


We support Homeward Pet because we know they are a quality rescue that really takes the same pride in their treatment of animals that we do. We hope that all of the pets who are adopted from Homeward Pet are able to continue to receive the same high level of compassionate care throughout their lives as their shelter offers. If a rescue can do it, their vet can, too!”

Learn more about Seattle Veterinary Associates.

                                               The Seattle Veterinary Association Team

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